Friday, March 21, 2008

Training Ride Ends In Crash

Two days ago I went for my first training ride for the new season. There is still lots of snow on the sides of the road creating a few wet spots and unfortunately some icy spots to be avoided. However, I missed one and crashed when I reached the bottom of the hill under a highway overpass.

I saw myself going down to meet the road...the next thing I remember is being questioned by an ambulance worker. His personality seem to improved as I became more coherent. They then drove me and my bike to the hospital. My rear wheel is a mess and my helmet is served its purpose well.

Wear your helmet! The brother of a friend was killed years ago in a similar situation without a helmet...I spare you the gory details.

Today my head is fine but my left ribs are badly bruised and it is painful to just get into or out of bed. Every other change of position is a conscious effort. I hope to be back to bike training within five days.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Queenie Principle

Seniors can be fit, fast, firm, and flexible till they die at an advanced age...just like my geriatric cat, euthanized at age 17. What is that in human years? 102? No matter. At that advanced age Queenie could leap chairs and tables, vigorously chase imaginary mice, lick every part of her body, and knew when to take it easy in a sunny spot...or a warm spot on my tummy.

Queenie is the source of my epifany which I now will call Queenie Principle. If we as humans, continue to exercise every day through every range of motion and exercise our brains we should, failing accidents, live fit lives all the way to the end.